Root canal therapy is performed when the tissues inside a tooth’s root become inflamed or infected. Our doctors’ approach to root canal therapy is to use a gentle touch and the latest technology for a comfortable, precise procedure. In most cases, root canal procedures can be completed in just one visit.

What is root canal therapy?

The root canal of a tooth is filled with pulp, which consists of blood vessels and nerve tissue. There could be more than one canal in a tooth.

When a root canal becomes infected, root canal therapy is performed to preserve the tooth. In this procedure, our doctors remove the infected pulp, clean out and disinfect the inside of the tooth and fill up the canal with a rubber-like material.

Within a couple of weeks, a final crown is placed over the tooth in order to protect it. After the procedure, the root of the tooth is dead, but the tooth can continue to function as it is nourished by the surrounding tissues.

Signs that you might need a root canal

Infection of the root canal pulp causes certain symptoms. Persistent pain is a sign of infection, but you may not notice any pain. If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms below, please contact our office right away.

  • Tenderness at the bottom of the root
  • Pain that lasts several minutes with exposure to heat and/or cold
  • A tooth that hurts when you bite down
  • Spontaneous pain without an apparent trigger
  • An abscess or pimple near the tooth
  • Swelling around the tooth
  • Discoloration of the tooth