At GRT Family Dental, we offer a wide variety of denture options including non-metal dentures, full dentures, partial dentures and dentures stabilized with dental implants. Whatever option you choose, the result will be dentures that are natural-looking, durable and functional.

Denture stabilization: Implant-supported dentures for a stable fit

Stabilizing dentures with dental implants for a secure fit can improve chewing power and slow or prevent bone loss. Dental implants are titanium posts that are fixed into the jawbone like tooth roots. They are fitted with snaps that attach to fasteners in the dentures.

Why use denture stabilization?

Removable dentures can have many drawbacks. These include difficulty chewing, discomfort or pain as the dentures shift around in your mouth, troubles with chewing and talking, having to avoid certain foods, and bone loss in the jaws.

No matter how well your dentures originally fit, over time the underlying jawbone will wear without the stimulation of chewing pressure. This makes it necessary to replace or reline your dentures in order to ensure a comfortable fit and keep your bite alignment normal. However, the underlying bone continues to deplete, making the dentures harder to retain their fit.

Traditional dentures only allow for 10% of your total chewing power. Stabilizing your dentures with implants will improve your chewing ability so you can eat the foods you want and chew them more easily. The more implants that are used, the greater the stability and function that your dentures will have, and the more natural they will appear. Denture stabilization also prevents bone loss because the dental implants stimulate the jawbone with the pressure of your chewing.


Meet with our experienced dentist for an exam to help you determine the best type of dentures for your needs. We can also discuss with you other options to replace your missing teeth, such as dental implants and implant-supported dentures.